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Greetings and welcome to my social media web app site. I'm a registered Apple developer and design web apps for personal and business use. The apps can be used on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, along with other smartphones that have a browser.

So what exactly is a "web app" and how is it different from apps in Apple's App Store? Web applications or web apps combine the power of the Internet with the simplicity of Multi-Touch technology, all via a browser on a small screen--like an Apple mobile iDevice or an Android-based smartphone/pad.

Below are some advantages of web apps:

--Apps work on other non-Apple mobile devices, so you can reach a larger audiance.
--No need to connect to iTunes, download or install anything from Apple's App Store.
--No need to ever update anything.
--Any updates can be done seemlessly in the background by the developer.
--No need to submit the app to Apple for aproval.
--Design possibilities are endless with no restrictions.
--Apps don't use any additional CPU or memory resorces.

--Battery life is longer without using addition resources.
--And best of all, most all web apps are free.

How do you access web apps if there is nothing to install? You simply open your mobile browser (Safari on Apple iDevics) and enter the URL of the app. For example, to access a radio app I developed for SmoothGrooves Radio, just enter the URL "smoothgrooves.mobi" and the app will come rght up.

Where do I find web apps? Just visit www.apple.com/webapps and you'll find a growing list of over 1700 web apps to flick and scroll through.

How can I get a web app for personal or business use? Simply email me and I can inexpensively design anything you want.

Below, and to the right, are some examples of my app (dave.merten.mobi) using different wallpaper backgrounds that I change periodically. Click on the icons in the picture to the right and you can navigate the app just like you're using an iPhone.

--Dave Merten


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